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Food pleasure and its implications for healthy eating habits

The Chaire ANCA (Danone Research Sponsorship at AgroParisTech), with the financial support of INRA and AgroParisTech has organized an international symposium on food pleasure and its implications for healthy eating habits.

HOMME  mangeant une  ASSIETTE  garnie.. © INRA, NICOLAS Bertrand
Updated on 05/05/2014
Published on 04/15/2014

Food pleasure is one of the most important drivers of human dietary behaviour. However, its role is complex and further research is needed to fully understand its effects.

The symposium organised in December 2013 addressed the following questions:

  • What exactly is food pleasure?
  • How is food pleasure a key driver of eating behaviours?
  • How can food pleasure lead to balanced dietary habits?

To tackle these questions, 150 experts and researchers from different fields (including nutrition physiology, neuroscience, psychology and consumer sciences)  discussed the crucial role that food pleasure plays in eating habits. They highlighted the fact that food pleasure can have various effects on health, sometimes potentially negative ones, but they also discussed how food pleasure can be considered as a potential driver for behavioural changes.

Podcasts of the event are available on line on the Agroparistech website

A compendium of the presentations will soon be published as a special issue of "Appetite".